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A HongKonger born to breed, a truly Hong Kong Based Fashion & Bridal Dress Designer.




CAT grew up in a fashion & garment family. From her grandparents, parents, to uncles & cousins are all working in industry that is closely linked with fashion and design. In her childhood, when others are playing with dolls, Cat was drawing her own designs on a sketching book. She is dreaming to set up her own bridal dress shop since seven years old.




Soon after CAT got her Fashion degree, she was building up herself by working in several famous local fashion brands, include it apparels limited.,  She never forget her childhood dream, after further studying in Europe, she began to set up a personal wedding brand- SilentSiren.



Her concept bridal shop was opened in Spring 2014, from gowns to evening dresses, all marked with her own vintage signature style, stylish yet elegant. Every bride is precious and should be cherished. You should able to find your dream wedding dress at Silent Siren.




"Be Yourself Be a Unique Bride"

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