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Biography of SilentSiren.

We like to make revolution in tradition; from the 17th century Baroque exquisite detail to the free-spirited 1960s, to create that unforgettable moment for bride while wearing her own gown. 

"Timeless" is the key of my design. I love the beautiful 1950s, women's elegant gesture and glamorous line are perfectly presented, they are always my muse. Nostalgic movies is also my inspiration, from the bright lights of Old Hollywood to Hong Kong style movies.  I am working hard to find the ideal balance between classic and modernism. I like to apply the 50s' color and fabric pattern to the modern cutting . The perfect blend is the soul of SilentSiren.


Every woman is unique in her own way. Forget the commercial wedding dresses in the market; wearing the unique original bridal gown to indulge yourself in the joyful moment of loving and being loved.

To walk in between history and modernism, with the designer unique fashion sense, each pieces of SILENTSIREN’s wedding dresses are handmade by skilful Hong Kong tailor. Hope that Hong Kong people and International fashion lovers can aware of Hong Kong's fashion and evening dress design, and to preserve the traditional culture of Hong Kong tailoring. 




We love Hong Kong,

so the manufacture is 100% Pure in Hong Kong.


Using delicate French lace and silk to create a simple yet, one-of-a-kind European Elegant.



The seasonal contemporary chic elements will be reflected on the designer wedding dresses.

Be a modern stylish Fashion Bride

SilentSiren. With Bridals'

Walks on two of different styles: 

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